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Parking your car and using public transport.

  • @AdelaideAirport: Adelaide Airport is conducting an emergency exercise from 1pm today. Don't be alarmed if you see heightened activity inside the terminal.,

  • @AdelaideAirport: Internationally recognised by the global Airport Carbon Accreditation program for our reduction of carbon emissions ,

  • @AdelaideAirport: We're Australia's 1st airport to reach a significant global environmental milestone - find out more here ,

  • @AdelaideAirport: Interesting concept - Heathrow already has driverless pods. Looking forward to finding out more.,

  • @AdelaideAirport: Apologies to our customers for security screening delays earlier - combination of faulty x-ray unit and fire alarm. Now operational again.,

Details on check-in, security, arrivals and maps.

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Saturday 23 May


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