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Due to Australian Government mandates, including those covering Customs, immigration and security measures, passengers are advised to allow ample time to process through the relevant processing and screening points into the Departures area.

Adelaide Airport Ltd recommends all passengers arrive early for check-in. Passengers are encouraged to check with their airline or travel agent regarding any questions they may have relating to check-in procedures, timing, security measures or special needs with travel arrangements.

Where to check-in?

Main Check-in / Level 2 (upper level)

Passenger check-in facilities for all airlines are located on the upper level of the terminal (level 2) - see below for more information.

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When to check-in?

Each airline has different requirements as to how soon before your flight you must check in, so please check with your airline. Delays can sometimes occur at busy times, so make sure you have allowed yourself enough time to check in and catch your flight.

You are requested to be in the vicinity of your boarding gate at least 45 minutes prior to departure for international services and 30 minutes for most domestic air services.

International passengers will need to go through a secondary screening and Customs processing point in order to reach their gate.

Flight departure and arrival times and respective gate allocations are clearly displayed on information display screens throughout the terminal. Sometimes gate allocations can change, so passengers are advised to check while within the terminal.

Check-in counter information for each airline is available on the large central flight information display on Level 2, just before the security screening point.

Domestic check-in procedure

Passengers and persons intending to greet or farewell passengers are allowed access into the sterile area (the area within the terminal beyond the security screening point), but only after submitting to the security screening process. Access to airside areas of the airport is prohibited, unless being escorted to or from an aircraft (as a passenger).

International check-in procedure

 Non-passengers are not permitted to enter the Customs-controlled areas of Australian international terminals.  International Passengers in addition to submitting to security screening, must also comply with LAGs (Liquids Aerosol or Gels) inspection/screening and border processing prior to being allowed entry into these areas of the airport.

Check-in assistance

Assistance is also available from airline staff and Airport Ambassadors.

Group check-in will be coordinated by your travel agent and airline.

All airlines listed use T1's common user check-in area, with the exception of Air South Regional, Corporate Aircraft Charter, Dick Lang's Desert Air and Rossair Charter. Please contact these airlines directly for their check-in requirements.

Check-in virtual tours

Enjoy the virtual walkthroughs of the terminal below.

You can look up, down and around. Use the arrows to navigate through the terminal.

Main check-in area - level 2

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