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The team at Adelaide Airport looks forward to welcoming you to our world class terminal, and hope that your visit is an easy and pleasant experience. Adelaide Airport aims to provide facilities that promote accessibility for all members of the community, including passengers and visitors with disabilities or special needs.

Persons with a disability or who need special assistance can call us on 08 8308 9380 or 0438 890 024 (7 days between 04:30am and 11:00pm) prior to their visit to the airport. Alternately, please click here to access our Disability Access Facilitation Plan.

For a guide on arrivals for people living with autism spectrum disorders please click here and for a guide on departures please click here.

 Before you travel.

Always ensure you tell your airline or travel agent when making your reservation that you have a disability and the assistance you will require.  They will make the necessary arrangements for you, for example an aircraft wheelchair or suitable position on the aircraft for a guide dog.  Most people, particularly those with stable conditions, will not require medical clearance before travelling, however it is important to check when booking.   

Arriving at the airport.

The new multi-level car park at Adelaide Airport opened on 6 August 2012. Drop off and pick up of passengers will be available on Sir Richard Williams Ave on the ground floor under the porte-cochere of the new car park. Customer Service Officers will be available for those persons who are in need of assistance, and/or to direct them to an area where they will receive additional support.

Persons with a disability or who need special assistance with the new procedures can call 08 8308 9380 or 0438 890 024, prior to their visit to the airport. 

Ground transport.

Temporary Bus and Taxi services (pick up only, taxi drop off is in the porte-cochere) are available at the front of the terminal at level 0 or ground floor.  Adelaide Metro JetBus services depart from the ground floor level at the southern end of the terminal.  Similarly the long term car park bus departs from the same temporary location.

For taxis that can accommodate wheelchairs, phone Adelaide Access Taxis on 1300 360 940

These service locations will change in the near future – please continue to monitor this site for updates. 

Assistance Animals.

Guide dogs and other assistance animals are welcome in all areas of T1. Check with your airline regarding travel arrangements.  Adelaide Airport Limited provides an Assistance Animal Relief Area in close proximity to the terminal. The area is located adjacent to the outdoor seating area at the northern end of the terminal at ground level.   

Boarding the aircraft.

Most airlines provide special arrangements for passengers with disabilities, allowing them to board the aircraft first and disembark last via the passenger boarding bridge.  Once on board the aircraft, flight attendants will be responsible for making your journey as comfortable as possible.  

Domestic arrival and baggage claim.

When flying to Adelaide Airport aboard a jet, disembarkation will be via the passenger boarding bridge into the terminal on Level 2. Should you require a wheelchair or other assistance, please ensure the airline is made aware prior to your flight. Once inside the terminal, please proceed to baggage re-claim on Level 0.  

International arrival and baggage claim.

When flying to Adelaide Airport, disembarkation will be via the passenger boarding bridge into the terminal on Level 1. Should you require a wheelchair or other assistance, please ensure your airline is made aware prior to your flight. Once inside the terminal, please proceed to Customs for passport checking and then to baggage re-claim on Level 0.  


Upon arriving, proceed to the relevant check-in desk. For people using wheelchairs, selected check-in desks have been lowered to allow easier access. Airline staff will explain the process and location for transferring you to one of their wheelchairs, which is suitable for the aisle of the aircraft. 

Several check-in desks have a Counter Hearing System (CHS) installed. The CHS unit can be used by both people who wear hearing aids and those who have a hearing impairment but do not wear hearing aids. The CHS unit consists of an amplifier, microphone, hearing loop, telephone handset and input connector for walkman headphone usage. These designated counters are fitted with a hearing loop for people who wear hearing aids with a “T” switch fitted (telecoil).  Sound waves from the speaker’s voice going into the microphone are changed into an electric current, amplified, and then sent through the coil, which emits a magnetic field into the immediate area. The field is picked up by the “T” switch when turned on, amplified, and converted back into sound. Alternately, the telephone handset can be used for listening or the user can use a “walkman” style headphone by plugging it in. Please ask airline check-in staff for assistance.  

Security screening.

All travellers and visitors, including those with a disability, must undergo the mandated level of security checks. Please advise the screening officer if you have a condition or need for special assistance. If you are able to walk through the security metal detectors without assistance, then no additional provisions will be required. If you use a wheelchair or other form of mobility assistance device, the security officer will scan you with a hand held detector (for privacy, a room adjacent to the screening area is available on request). The assistive device will also be subject to security screening processes.  

Waiting for your flight.

To assist our customers with mobility movement throughout Terminal 1, some airlines operate a ‘buggy’ (people mover) service to help customers reach their required departure gate. This service can be arranged by airline staff. Adelaide Airport has a large number of shops and restaurants - all easily accessible by people with disabilities. Please refer to the directory board on Level 2 for locations of all shops within the terminal. The terminal’s amenities and services, including toilets, phones and lifts, are also listed on the directory board on Level 2. An information booth is located on Level 0 which can also offer assistance regarding directions, terminal information and tourist bookings.

There are escalators and elevators/ lifts in the terminal for travelling between floors, and travelators (moving walkways) along the concourse. At each departure gate, nominated check-in counters and in designated areas of the retail/ restaurant precinct, ‘hearing loops’ enable people with hearing aids to have announcements amplified. In the unlikely event of an emergency situation, audible alarms will sound and an announcement made through the public address system.  For people with hearing impairment, clear instructions will be displayed on the flight information display screens throughout the terminal. 

Further Information.

Adelaide Airport Limited.
1 James Schofield Drive, Adelaide Airport,South Australia,5950, Australia.
Telephone.   +61 88308 9211. Facsimile.   +61 88308 9311.

This transcription was undertaken in by Print Alternatives Services of the Royal Society for the Blind of S A Incorporated (RSB) on behalf of Adelaide Airport Limited (AAL) under section 135ZP of the Copyright Act, 1968.

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