Best taxi driver

Posted: November 9 2011

Taxi drivers play a crucial role in getting passengers to and from the airport, so it is no wonder we’re happy to recognise our city’s best drivers.

As the major sponsor of the 2011 Adelaide Airport Taxi Driver of the Year Awards, we’re pleased to recognise the great work of all drivers, both in getting people from A to B, and as important ambassadors for our City and State.

Our congratulations to Casimir (Cas) Fung, who was chosen from a pool of more than 5000 taxi drivers and 9 finalists as the 2011 winner.

Cas’s positive and fun approach, his polite and happy manner and tremendous focus on providing a service to customers were overwhelmingly cited by passengers via online and paper nominations over the three-month award selection process.

More than 1,000 driver nominations were received from the public for ‘service that stands out from the crowd’, acknowledging their knowledge and skills, courtesy and helpfulness, personal and vehicle presentation, and passenger safety and comfort. 

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