Adelaide Airport Runway Closure

Posted: February 20 2012

Adelaide Airport Limited (AAL) is to undertake urgent and necessary safety maintenance works in the removal of rubber from runway 05/23 for the period 27 Feb 2012 to and including 1 March 2012.

The nature of the works is such that we need to undertake them at night during the curfew (11.00pm to 06.00 am).  However, during these times there are many approved operations that occur, including medical emergency, and small freight aircraft.

In normal operations, these curfew approved movements operate on the main runway 05/23 with approaches and departures occurring over the sea, where operationally safe to do so.  However, for the period of the works on the main runway, these movement will need to operate on our cross runway (Runway 12/30).

This project is essential safety works and is done on a periodical basis to ensure adequate cohesion for landing aircraft.

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