Runway Overlay Project

Posted: July 22 2010

Essential maintenance commencing soon.

Major maintenance of the runways and taxiways will generate enough bitumen to reseal the road from Adelaide to Maslins Beach or Adelaide to Gawler which ever side of town you are from – 450,000 square metres of cover will be needed on this essential operational maintenance schedule.

Required to be carried out each 10 – 15 years, dependant on the oxidisation of the existing surface, these works are required to be effected so as to minimise disruptions to the operations of the airport as the prime gateway to the State.

Consequently the works will be carried out during the airport curfew from 11 pm to 6 00 am.  Commencing in October 2010 and running through to March 2011, the cross runway will need to be used for those services that operate in Curfew.  Adelaide Airport is seeking the requisite dispensation for the cross runway use and will be undertaking a comprehensive community awareness campaign during late August early September 2010.

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