Aviation Security Identification Package

Security Guide
PDF - 2.33 MB

Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) Application
PDF - 341 kB

AusCheck Privacy Notice
PDF - 317 kB

Security Access Card (SAC) Application
PDF - 247 kB

The ASIC application must be completed in full.

If a Security Access Card is required the SAC application must be completed in full.

All applicants that require an ASIC must answer all questions in the ASIC awareness assessment. Reference material will be made available to ASIC applicants at T1 Reception or phone 8154 9468.

All forms must accompany the ASIC application.

Other Forms

Authority to Use Airside (AUA) Application
PDF - 228 kB

Authority to Drive Airside (ADA) Application
PDF - 195 kB

Pricing Schedule

Aviation Security Pricing Schedule
March, 2012
PDF - 65 kB

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