Adelaide Airport is a major supporter of the South Australian community. We continue to nurture and maintain strong relationships with our partners through our Community Investment Strategy.

Our Community Investment Strategy is designed to ensure our investment enhances community benefit, employee engagement and complements our corporate and business goals.

We take a partnership approach to community investment so as to align our values, skills and expertise with the issues affecting the industry we operate in.

Through partnerships, sponsorships and programs Adelaide Airport invests in the following areas:

• Encourage a culture of social inclusion and diversity
• Foster a safety culture where healthy and safety is high priority
• Lead quality of service

• Lead a culture of sustainability
• Work towards a clean energy future
• Preserve South Australia’s natural and cultural history

• Collaborate to stimulate travel demand
• Enhance South Australia’s reputation within the Asia Pacific region
• Support South Australia's economic and cultural development
• Create a vibrant Adelaide Airport 


Partnering the Community

Our Community Investment program is now closed for 2013-2014.

Applications for our 2014-2015 program will be considered between 1 November and 31 January 2014.  If you believe your organisation aligns with our values and the areas we invest in – Community, Environment and Business – please submit your proposal to us between these dates for consideration. Your application should address

Applicants will be notified in writing when a final decision is reached.

Submissions can be sent to:
Justine Firth
Marketing Manager
Adelaide Airport Limited
1 James Schofield Drive, Adelaide Airport, SA 5950
(08) 8308 9268 

Adelaide Airport Master Plan

Adelaide Airport Limited (AAL) 2009-2014 Master Plan

Volume 1 - Adelaide Airport Master Plan
December 2009

Volume 2 - Adelaide Airport Surface Access Plan
December 2009

Volume 3 - Adelaide Airport Sustainability Plan - Airport Environment Strategy
December 2009

Volume 4 - Adelaide Airport Community Plan
December 2009

Volume 5 - Adelaide Airport Appendicies
December 2009

Ready Reference - Adelaide Airport Master Plan
December 2009

Master Plan PDFs are produced to 72dpi. Hard copies are available from the reception at Adelaide Airport Management Center, 1 James Schofield Drive, Adelaide Airport. Telephone 08 8308 9211. 

Major Development Plans

Parafield Airport Master Plan

Parafield Airport Limited (PAL) 2012 Approved Master Plan

Parafield Airport 2012 Master Plan ready reference 

Master Plan PDFs are produced to 72dpi. Hard copies are available from the reception at Adelaide Airport Management Centre, 1 James Schofield Drive, Adelaide Airport. Telephone 08 8308 9211. 

If a person is having trouble reading these documents in English could you please arrange contact with Chris Griffiths of Adelaide Airport Limited on 08 8308 9211 or e-mail who will arrange a relevant interpreter to assist.

Similarly for persons who are visually impaired – please arrange contact with Chris Griffiths on the above referred Phone number and e-mail address and appropriate measures will be made to enable the person to access the document contents.

Consultative Committees

Describing Aircraft Noise

Describing Aircraft Noise

Adelaide Airport and the aviation industry it supports are vital for a myriad of business, tourism, social and freight activities that the South Australian economy relies upon. Adelaide Airport works with its partners in the aviation industry to minimise the impact of aircraft noise although it must be remembered that aircraft noise is an unavoidable consequence of aviation activity. To find out more about aircraft noise in Adelaide see our Frequently Asked Questions and go to:

Aircraft Noise Fact Sheet - Click Here

Curfew Information

Adelaide Airport’s Curfew – Frequently Asked Questions

The Adelaide Airport Curfew Regulations 2000, are administered by the Department of Transport and Infrastructure. To find out more about the curfew at Adelaide Airport see our Frequently Asked Question fact sheet.

Curfew Fact Sheet - Click Here

Airservices Australia - Smart Tracking Adelaide

Please click here for more information on Smart Tracking Adelaide.

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