Adelaide Sounds

In partnership with Music SA, Adelaide Airport presents ‘Adelaide Sounds’, showcasing the wonderful talents of South Australian musicians to the world.

Location: Terminal 1, Level 2, Retail Concourse

Friday 12 January | 3pm-6pm | Kelly Menhennett
Sunday 14 January | 4pm-7pm | Georgia Germein
Friday 19 January | 3pm-6pm | Joe Murphy
Saturday 20 January | 11am-2pm | Alice Haddy
Friday 26 January | 3pm-6pm | Nice Verdes
Sunday 28 January | 4pm-7pm | Skeleton Club

‘Whyalla Art Prize’ Exhibition by Country Arts SA

Location: Terminal 1, Level 2
Dates: 15 December 2017 – 31 January 2018

This year for the first time, a selection of finalists’ work from the $25,000 Whyalla Art Prize will be on
display at the Adelaide Airport from Friday, 15th December until the end of January 2018.

The exhibition will include 20 highly commended pieces that demonstrate the breadth and depth of
work entered into the regional South Australian-based award from 55 finalists.

The winning work, a video piece called The Hut (5/4) will be displayed on a screen alongside wall-based
work in a variety of mediums including kiln-formed glass, polyester resin on fibre-glass cloth and even
garden hoses mounted to canvas.

“Exhibiting this work at the Adelaide Airport will bring interstate and international exposure to the
finalists from a wide variety of foot traffic at the city’s only airport during the busy holiday period,” said
Country Arts SA Chief Executive Officer, Steve Saffell.

The Whyalla Art Prize was originally established in 1972 by the Whyalla Arts Council with the purpose of
promoting regional emerging artists, but has since grown to attract entrants from right around Australia,
putting the Whyalla region of South Australia under a national arts spotlight every two years.

Through this acquisitive award, the Whyalla City Council has acquired a notable collection of artworks in
iconic styles that reflect the changing face of the country. This year’s work is a video piece by South
Australian artist CJ Taylor.