Adelaide Airport 2014 Master Plan

In compliance with Section 86 of the Airport Act 1996, Adelaide Airport Limited advises that the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development approved the draft Adelaide Airport Master Plan 2014 on 9th January, 2015.
The Master Plan, which covers a planning horizon of 20 years, is to remain in force for an expected duration of 5 years.

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Public Meetings & Public Notices

Public Meetings

Adelaide Airport has completed a preliminary version of a new draft Adelaide Airport Master Plan 2014 (PDMP for consideration by the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development).

This PDMP meets the requirements of Sections 76 and 77 of the Airports Act 1996, being the airport’s primary 20-year planning document for ongoing review every 5 years.

The PDMP for Adelaide Airport has been available for a 60 business day public comment period, from Wednesday 16 July 2014 until Friday 10 October 2014. We are now reviewing the public’s comments and revising the PDMP ready for submission to the Federal Minister later this year.

Three public presentation meetings were conducted as part of the public comment process for the PDMP, including:

  • Monday 4 August 2014 from 7.30pm-9pm at Lockleys Bowling Club (46 Rutland Avenue, Lockleys)
  • Tuesday 2 September 2014 from 10am-3pm (open day) at Adelaide Airport Administration Centre (1 James Schofield Drive, Adelaide Airport)
  • Tuesday 23 September 2014 from 5.30pm-7.30pm (open evening) at Adelaide Airport Administration Centre (1 James Schofield Drive, Adelaide Airport)

Public Notices

Public Notice: Saturday July 26 2014

Public Notice : Wednesday July 16 2014

Useful Links

Airports Act

The Airports Act is the primary piece of Commonwealth legislation that sets up a system for regulating Australia’s major airports. The section relating to airports master plans can be found in Part 5, Division 3.

Airservices Australia

Airservices Australia is a government-owned corporation providing safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services to the aviation industry. They are responsible for managing aircraft movements in and out of Adelaide Airport and handling noise complaints and enquiries.

Airservices Australia – WebTrak

WebTrak is a tool that allows you to access flight activity of aircraft over metropolitan areas. Displaying a map of surrounding suburbs within 55 km of Adelaide Airport airport, WebTrak allows you to view information about arriving and departing aircraft, from 40 minutes to three months ago.

Aircraft Noise Ombudsman

The Aircraft Noise Ombudsman conducts independent administrative reviews of Airservices Australia’s management of aircraft noise-related activities. If you have a complaint about aircraft noise, you should first lodge it with Airservices Australia’s Noise Complaints and Information Service.

If they are unable to offer a satisfactory solution, you can then lodge it with the ANO

Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics

The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics provides economic analysis, research and statistics on infrastructure, transport (including aviation) and regional development issues to inform both Australian Government policy development and wider community understanding.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority

CASA’s mission is to enhance and promote aviation safety through effective regulation and by encouraging the wider aviation community to embrace and deliver higher standards of safety. Their primary function is to conduct the safety regulation of civil air operations in Australia and the operation of Australian aircraft overseas.

Department of Infrastructure and Transport

The Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development advises the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport on the policy and regulatory framework for Australian airports and the aviation industry and manages the administration of the Airports Act 1996.

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

The South Australian Government Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure works as part of our community to deliver effective planning policy, efficient transport and social and economic infrastructure. This includes the maintenance and operation of the state’s transport network and regulation of its use, and the delivery of major infrastructure projects. .

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