Adelaide Airport Master Plan 2019

Preparing a new Adelaide Airport Master Plan 2019

Adelaide Airport Limited has commenced work to prepare a new Airport Master Plan.

Recent amendments to the Airports Act 1996 now require a Master Plan to be prepared every eight years for a number of Commonwealth leased airports including Adelaide Airport. When approved by the Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, the 2019 Master Plan will replace the existing 2014 Adelaide Airport Master Plan.

What is an Airport Master Plan?

The 2019 Master Plan will outline Adelaide Airport’s development over the next eight years and provide a strategic vision for the next 20 years. It will detail plans for new commercial development at the Airport and the planned expansion of the terminal building. Master Plan 2019 will include an Environment Strategy with a focus on environmental sustainability and a Ground Transport Plan with a focus on improved access to and from the Airport.

Key Dates

Commencing in early August 2019: Preliminary draft Master Plan on Public Display for 60 business days. During this time we will hold a number of community events at the Airport where you can find out more about our future plans and provide feedback.

December 2019: Draft Master Plan provided to the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development for consideration.

Provide your feedback at any time

We invite you to provide your feedback or ask questions at any time throughout the Master Plan process using our dedicated email address: [email protected].

Parafield Airport Master Plan 2017

The 2017 Parafield Airport Master Plan can be located on the Parafield Airport website. Click here for more details.

Adelaide Airport Master Plan 2014

Master Plan – Cover, Contents, Foreword and Executive Summary(1.1 MB)
Master Plan Chapter 1 – Introduction(949.0 KB)
Master Plan Chapter 2 – The Master Plan(960.6 KB)
Master Plan Chapter 3 – The Airport(2.5 MB)
Master Plan Chapter 4 – Forecasts(1.4 MB)
Master Plan Chapter 5 – Aircraft Noise(2.0 MB)
Master Plan Chapter 6 – Aviation Infrastructure(1.7 MB)
Master Plan Chapter 7 – Land Use Planning(7.5 MB)
Master Plan Chapter 8 – Services and Infrastructure(3.0 MB)
Master Plan Chapter 9 – Ground Transport Plan(4.3 MB)
Master Plan Chapter 10 – Environment Strategy(3.0 MB)
Master Plan Chapter 11 – Development Program(1.8 MB)
Master Plan – References(501.5 KB)

Master Plan – Appendix A – Master Plan Requirements under Legislation(218.9 KB)
Master Plan – Appendix B – Aircraft Noise Metrics(11.8 MB)
Master Plan – Appendix C – NASF Guidelines Overview(474.2 KB)
Master Plan – Appendix D-F – Past Achievements, Environment Strategy and System Documentation(243.7 KB)