Adelaide Airport Ltd is required under the Airports Act 1996 to submit a new Master Plan to the Commonwealth Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development prior to the expiry of the original plan approved under Section 81.

The Master Plan highlights Adelaide Airport’s plans for growth over the next 20 years. It includes substantial infrastructure projects being considered in the short term – such as a new hotel and further expansion of the main terminal – while also providing a crucial road map to guide the airport’s operations in the longer term.

The Airport Master Plan is designed to provide all stakeholders – including airport users, government, the local community and aviation interests – the confidence to plan for the future development of the airport and its surrounds.

Ultimately, it seeks to provide a view of the development potential of the airport site in a well-planned and logical manner, in keeping with the airport’s central role as a key infrastructure asset in the broader development of South Australia

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Master Plan 2014 (39.8 MB)

Master Plan 2014

Individual Chapters

Master Plan Chapter 1 – Introduction (1.2 MB)

Master Plan Chapter 2 – The Master Plan (368 KB)

Master Plan Chapter 3 – The Airport (1.8 MB)

Master Plan Chapter 4 – Forecasts (405 KB)

Master Plan Chapter 5 – Aircraft Noise (1.2 MB)

Master Plan Chapter 6 – Aviation Infrastructure (1.3 MB)

Master Plan Chapter 7 – Land Use Planning (4.7 MB)

Master Plan Chapter 8 – Services and Infrastructure (1.6 MB)

Master Plan Chapter 9 – Ground Transport Plan (3.7 MB)

Master Plan Chapter 10 – Environment Strategy (832 KB)

Master Plan Chapter 11 – Development Program (333 KB)

Master Plan – Appendices (78.6 MB)