Look Out! Art Exhibition

On March 11 2020 a global pandemic was declared by the World Health Organization. South Australia, and the world, were placed in a surreal position. Locked in and just able to ‘Look Out’ at the world that was once ours to play in. The ‘Outlook’ improved, and then it did not.

Humans soon used creativity to entertain and communicate. People were cooking and baking, nurturing plants, dancing in bedrooms and singing on balconies, making gifts virtually. The levels of family and old friends reconnecting increased as they found they could not or might not be allowed to say hello or goodbye. Hearts broke. Love was a confusing emotion. To survive and to fight to survive are the current raw feelings.

Animals loved it. They were walked, groomed and adopted. The environment was respected and the air got cleaner. Slowly humans were vaccinated in exchange for freedom.

This would be paradise however this new life was to be enjoyed now. Tomorrow we might be locked up again. Tomorrow we Look Out.

Enjoy this journey of creation by members of Australia’s oldest Art Society.

The exhibition is on display until 30 November 2021 and can be seen at Gate 14 and 26 featuring:

Cheryl Bridgart | Scott Eames Bernadette Freeman | Emma HackLisa IngersonDon OswaldYean-Nee Shortland | Swee Wah Yew