A few pointers on picking up and dropping off passengers.

The Adelaide Airport Pick-up and Drop-off zone are conveniently located towards the entry point of the airport, on Sir Richard Williams Avenue. View the grounds map of Adelaide Airport for the exact location. Look out for our friendly Ground Transport staff in the Pick-up and Drop-off zone who will direct you to the nearest space to pull in.

If you intend to pick-up or drop-off your passengers you can only stop in the extreme left lane. The other two lanes are through lanes ONLY. Stopping in these two through lanes is not permitted. Vehicles are not permitted to stop at the kerbside except for immediate passenger pick-up and drop-off.

If your passenger has not arrived yet, please do not park and wait. This will only cause delays to drivers who are able to pick up passengers that have arrived. Keep driving through and do a lap back around to the start of the Pick-up and Drop-off zone. If you have picked up or dropped off your passenger please exit the Pick-up and Drop-off zone as soon as you can to keep traffic flowing.

Due to Government security requirements, you must not leave your vehicle unattended at any time. Unattended vehicles may be towed. If you are asked to move your vehicle by our Ground Transport staff, please do so.

Here are few more tips to make your pick-up/drop-off even easier.


1. Find out if your passenger’s flight is arriving on time by contacting Reception on (08) 8308 9211, or by visiting the Flights section of our website. Alternatively, you may check directly with their airline.

2. Given the long length of the Pick-up and Drop-off bay, suggest to your passenger a point along the zone where they should wait to be picked up, e.g. ‘outside the lifts’ or ‘just before the pedestrian lights at the far end’.

3. Remember when picking up a passenger, take into account the time they’ll need to disembark their flight and collect their luggage; allow 10-15 minutes.


1. If you’re being dropped off and looking to check-in, you can either take the lifts at the car park to the second floor and walk across the link bridge or walk across the plaza to the lifts and use the escalators inside the Terminal.

2. If you take a taxi to the airport, you will now be dropped off at Atura Circuit between the terminal and Atura Hotel. Access to the terminal is via the northern doors. The lifts or escalators will take you to Level 2 for departures.

3. Private vehicles and rideshare vehicles dropping off passengers must do so at the existing drop-off/ pick up location. For check-in, once at this point, either take the lifts to Level 2 for departures or walk across the plaza for arrivals.

4. If you are entering the airport and parking in the terminal car park, the terminal can be accessed by walking across the link bridge for departures or walk across the plaza for arrivals.