Hidden Disability Lanyard

If you or someone you are travelling with has a hidden disability, you can request a hidden disability lanyard. Wearing a sunflower lanyard when you are at Adelaide Airport is a discreet way for you to indicate to our team that you may need a little extra help, guidance or time with the airport processes. Our team have been trained to recognise the lanyard and provide the assistance and support you may need.

Tips for using the hidden disabilities lanyard:

  • If you are feeling overwhelmed or have specific requirements, please don’t hesitate to approach an Adelaide Airport team member for help or to make a request.
  • Please use the assistance lane at security screening. Security team members are aware of varying disabilities and will conduct searches as efficiently and sensitively as possible. Please note that this lanyard does not provide fast track access through Security or Passport Control.
  • The lanyard does not provide a personal staff escort through the airport process. If you require this level of assistance or wheelchair assistance, your airline is best placed to help you. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to contact your airline and make them aware of any special assistance requirements that you may have.
  • The lanyard does not provide guaranteed help with your luggage. If this is something that you specifically require help with, please contact your airline to see what special assistance they are able to provide.

International Regulations – This program does not exempt passengers from normal airport procedures.

  • If travelling on an international service, you can proceed directly to the counter where Australian Border Force officers will check your passport.
  • If you are travelling in a group, we typically only facilitate the passenger requiring assistance and the immediate carer (maximum two adults).

What if you need extra support?

If you have requirements beyond what the airline can provide we recommend you look at specialised assistance services such as Medical Travel Companions.

Can I use this lanyard at other airports?

Other Australian airports with the Hidden Disabilities program;


This program is in proud partnership with Spectrum Connected

A Spectrum Connected

Request a Hidden Disability Lanyard

Please request a Hidden Disability Lanyard by completing the below form. Once confirmed, your lanyard will be available for collection from the Welcome Desk located on level 0 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Additionally, we would like to share some helpful resources:


At Adelaide Airport, we are committed to creating an inclusive and accessible environment for all our customers, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. Our focus is on fostering quality relationships and making the airport experience easy, seamless, and connected.

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